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Sylvania Pen

Sylvania had her first experience in the film industry at the age of eleven where she played the main role in a Dutch movie ‘Eurinome’.
Shortly after this experience Sylvania further enhanced her acting experience in other television productions. She attended the ‘Theaterschool’ in Amsterdam, and had private master classes to work profoundly on her acting skills. For Sylvania it was also important to visit international acting classes to develop her performance in a foreign language. Her wish for more experience brought her to South America, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain and Austria. She speaks fluent Dutch, English, German and a well spoken French and good Spanish. For the past few years Sylvania has been working in Germany as an actress and participated in master classes under the tutorage of Bernard Hiller, Greta Amend and Jordan Beswick. She enjoys working in the medium of film and television “I love developing characters with the guidance of the director, add to that the interactions of fellow actors, it’s a powerful combination to make a scene come alive".


Sylvania Pen tanz bei Heike Hennig & Co  seit März 2013 in MARIA XXX

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